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You were born to Win, empowered to be Victorious, and called to be Unstoppable!

Kevin V. Montague

Author | Minister | Motivational speaker

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KVM Ministries: Powerfully Leading, Carefully Serving. From preaching the gospel to workshops and counseling, we equip others with courage and effectiveness!


Sharing God's Word through preaching, weddings, funerals, counseling, bible studies, and other services.


From seminars for leaders to boosting church service, we cover it all: effective habits, leadership boot camps, customer service, dynamic young adult ministries, and even specialized workshops for single dads.


We're here to guide ministry leaders, assist in church administration, strengthen discipleship and small groups, and offer caring premarital counseling and officiating services for marriages.


Dive in to understand your calling, envision your ministry's path, enhance communication skills, and explore various training options for both short-term and long-term growth in the ministry.

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Hi, I'm Kevin

Welcome to KVM Ministries, led by Reverend Kevin V. Montague, a passionate counselor, speaker, preacher, and published author. Founded in April 2017, KVM Ministries, LLC stands as a beacon of empowerment, dedicated to nurturing influential leaders and fostering courageous service through the gospel's transformative power.

Kevin, a national speaker renowned for his inspirational messages, shares his wisdom through workshops, training sessions, counseling, and the written word. His devotional book, "Spiritual Vitamins - Daily Nutrients for Your Spirit," is a guiding light for countless souls seeking spiritual nourishment.

Answering his divine calling, Reverend Montague was licensed to preach the gospel in 2002 and ordained in 2011. His commitment to ministry extends to Providence St. John Baptist Church in Upper Marlboro, MD, where he serves as Chief Operations Officer and a revered member of the ministerial staff, guided by the leadership of Pastor Billy T. Staton, Jr.

Beyond his ministry, Kevin finds immense joy as the proud father of twin girls, Morgan Faith and Logan Hope. His dedication to faith, family, and uplifting others exemplifies his unwavering commitment to spiritual growth and compassionate leadership.

Join Reverend Kevin V. Montague on this transformative journey, where faith, service, and leadership converge to inspire and elevate lives.

I read this book daily as a morning devotional. It is such a blessing. Reverend Montague indicates the importance of using God’s Word as a daily vitamin to help conquer any situation.”

- Jackie

Author of

Spiritual Vitamins

Seeking a daily dose of focus and inspiration? 'Spiritual Vitamins' offers quick devotions, perfect for a 15 to 20-minute read. Selected from KVM Ministries, LLC's 'JumpStart Encouragement and Prayer Broadcast' on Facebook and Periscope, these nuggets empower you to lead boldly and serve compassionately—the core mission of KVM Ministries, LLC. Grab your dose and seize the day!

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Here are are a few topics to book Kevin for Keynotes, Workshops, and Discussions:

"Empowered Living: Navigating Life's Journey with Faith and Resilience"

"Unlocking Purpose: Strategies for Leading with Power and Serving with Care"

"From Adversity to Achievement: Unveiling Your Path to Success"

"Mindset Matters: Cultivating Resilience and Strength in Challenging Times"

“Beyond Boundaries: Embracing Change and Finding Fulfillment"

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Kevin V. Montague

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Our Brand: KVM Ministries, LLC is a ministry and business that represents empowerment, leadership, compassion, and social responsibility. KVM Ministries, LLC is a purpose-driven entity seeking to make a meaningful impact on individuals and communities.

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Testimonials and Reviews

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Rev. Montague's messages, paired with relatable analogies, bring profound understanding. This ministry's impact on my personal growth is invaluable. I shared a recording with my son, and its relevance to his situation truly blessed him

- Sarita Evans

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I think that it is a great site. It's a welcomed start to the day. I like it a lot. Spread the word. I appreciate what Rev. Montague is doing.

- Deejay Jammer

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Rev. Montague’s weekly JumpStart broadcasts provides blessed morning inspiration for every person who needs a word of encouragement and Godly direction for the day.

- Rev. Josette Franklin

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